MUJIN is on JB Press dated March 14 2018.(Written in Japanese)

2018-03-14 11:44:00 +0000

MUJIN is on JB Press dated March 14 2018.(Written in Japanese)

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MUJIN received the Director of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Agency Award of Japan Venture Awards 2018

2018-02-05 14:46:00 +0000

MUJIN received the Director of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Agency Award of Japan Venture Awards 2018.

Japan Venture Awards is an award system to honor start-up entrepreneurs of innovative business with high growth potential and large social contribution.
They highly evaluated MUJIN for having invented the world's first robot controller which are compatible with robot arms of various manufacturers and its unified operability.

JVA2018 website(Only in Japanese):

MUJIN shows several robot automation solutions with "PickWorker" at 2nd RoboDEX (Jan 17th to 19th) @ Tokyo Big Sight

2018-01-17 01:42:00 +0000

MUJIN shows several robot automation solutions with "PickWorker" at 2nd RoboDEX @ Tokyo Big Sight. Come and check out the most advanced robotic technologies in live!

Jan 17th Wed - Jan 19th Fri 2018 @ Tokyo Big Sight
Booth Location: Booth# W3-36 at West Hall 1

2nd RoboDEX

Floor Map

Inquiry during company winter vacation

2017-12-29 18:00:00 +0000

We would like to inform you that our office will be closed for winter vacation from December 29, 2017 to January 7, 2018.
We will respond to your inquiry after we return on January 8, 2018.

Thank you for your understanding.

Relocation notice of MUJIN head office

2017-05-02 01:50:00 +0000

Relocation notice of MUJIN head office

From May 1st, we will relocate MUJIN's headquarters office.

― New address

1-1-9 Narihira Sumida-ku, Tokyo

* There is no change in telephone number and e-mail address.

― Nearest station

5 minutes walk from Honjo-azumabashi station A2 exit of Toei Asakusa line

10 minutes walk from Oshiage station B2 exit of Hanzomon line

― map

We have started selling "Education kit for picking intelligent robot controller"

2017-04-25 03:14:00 +0000

We have started selling "Education kit for picking intelligent robot controller".

PDF download

MUJIN received The 2nd JEITA Venture Award

2017-03-16 05:01:00 +0000

MUJIN received The 2nd JEITA Venture Award

News release from JEITA (dated Mar 16th 2017)

MUJIN has been selected as the winner of The 2nd JEITA Venture Award

MUJIN Inc. Yoshio Umino / Issei Takino
Email: info[at]
※Please change [at] to @.

MUJIN is sponsoring ICRA 2017

2017-03-16 05:00:00 +0000

MUJIN is sponsoring ICRA 2017 and having a booth there.
Come and check out the most advanced robotic technology in live!

May 29th Mon - June 3rd Sat 2017 @ Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore

MUJIN shows "PickWorker" its intelligent intelligent robot picking systems at New Value Creation Exhibition 2016

2016-12-08 01:55:00 +0000

MUJIN shows 2 demos of PickWorker" its intelligent intelligent robot picking systems at New Value Creation Exhibition 2016.
Come and check out the most advanced robotic technology in live!

Oct 31st Mon - Nov 2nd Wed 2016 @ Tokyo Big Sight

Demo Location: Booth number T200 at East Hall3

MUJIN received The 7th Robot Award from Japan Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry for MUJIN Controller 「PickWorker」

2016-12-08 01:53:00 +0000

MUJIN received The 7th Robot Award from Japan Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry for our next-gen intelligent robot controller MUJIN controller「PickWorker」

News release from Ministery of Economy, Trade and Industry (dated Oct 12th 2016)

A robot titled “Pick Worker as a MUJIN Controller,” developed by MUJIN Inc. was selected as a winner of the Seventh Robot Award (METI Minister’s Award). The successful industrial robot needs no teaching process to pick up targets in bulk. Ministery of Economy, Trade and Industry

About MUJIN controller「PickWorker」

The Robot Awards program is an initiative for recognizing outstanding robots, aiming to facilitate the development of robot technologies and the expanded utilization of robots. Since 2006, METI and JMF have been awarding the METI Minister’s Awards as the Robot Awards to outstanding robots.
METI Minister appraised the robot controller for its contributions to solving real social challenges, like labor shortage and productivity performance, through promoting automation of the pick-up processes in the distribution sector as well as the automotive sector. The developer has succeeded in creating a robot controller with an intuitively-operable system using 3D graphics on a touch panel pendant, and an easy-to-use setup flow for capturing the essence of the picking task. Furthermore, the real versatility of the robot controller is in its integrated support for most robot manufacturers. All these factors culminate into the robot controller being an outstanding product contributing to a new generation of robot applications.。

MUJIN controller「PickWorker」
MUJIN is creating the next generation of bin picking intelligence systems complete with collision avoidance and real-time motion planning technology. The Mujin controller can recognize a target object in 3D, using this information in real-time to plan an appropriate robot motion that accomplishes a given task accurately with complete collision avoidance. The end result is an intelligent bin picking system that does not require traditional, cumbersome teach & learn systems to program.

MUJIN Inc. Yoshio Umino / Issei Takino
Email: info[at]
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MUJIN is holding 3D bin picking seminar, and showing its 3D bin picking robotic system demo by using CANON 3D machine vision. (Only in Japanese)

2016-10-04 11:40:00 +0000


会場:キヤノンマーケティングジャパン株式会社 品川本社 キヤノンSタワー 3F ホールS 東京都港区港南2-16-6
アクセス:JR品川駅 (2階) 港南口方面より徒歩 約8分、京浜急行品川駅より徒歩 約10分


MUJIN "MUJIN 3D Vision"appeared in Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper on September 21st, 2016 (Only in Japanese)

2016-10-04 11:35:00 +0000

日刊工業新聞 2016年9月21日

通信販売で注文を受けた複数の商品を個別の行き先に仕分ける、といった雑多な商品のピッキング作業向けのシステムの際に今回のビジョンセンサーを活用する。 他社のバラ積み作業向けビジョンセンサーは単一の対象を見分けることを目的にしたものが多く、CADのデータも使うなどシステム構築に手間がかかる。MUJINのシステムは設置期間を短縮できる。物流施設などを対象にセンサーやシステムを展開していくという。


株式会社MUJIN 営業担当
Email: info[at]

MUJIN shows its intelligent robot Logistics system solutions at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2016

2016-10-04 11:25:00 +0000

MUJIN shows 2 demos of its intelligent robot Logistics system solutions at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2016.
Come and check out the most advanced robotic technology in live!

Sep 16th Tue - Sep 16th Fri 2016 @ Tokyo Big Sight

Demo Location: Booth number 5-407 at IHI booth & 6-110 at Murata Machinery booth

MUJIN appeared in Weekly Diamond on July 23rd, 2016 (Only in Japanese)

2016-10-04 11:24:00 +0000

週刊ダイヤモンド 2016年7月23日
『ロボットの"頭脳"は任せろ スマホの二の舞にはならない』


ロボットの“頭脳”は任せろ スマホの二の舞にはならない:週間ダイヤモンド

株式会社MUJIN 営業担当
Email: info[at]

MUJIN "PickWorker" appeared in Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper on June 29th, 2016 (Japanese Only)

2016-07-04 11:33:00 +0000

日刊工業新聞 2016年6月29日
『MUJIN、バラ積みピッキングシステムの次世代版を開発 ティーチング不要、ライン実装3週間』

MUJIN(東京都文京区)は、産業用ロボット向け汎用コントローラーとビジョンセンサーを組み合わせたバラ積みピッキングのシステム「ピックワーカー」の次世代版を開発した。ロボットに動きを教えるティーチング(教示)が不要で「通常1年半はかかる生産ライン実装が約3週間で可能になる」(滝野CEO)という。8月からシステム構築会社やエンドユーザーとなる製造業に提案を始める。独自の教示用ペンダントとコントローラーのセットで価格は300万円(消費税抜き)。産業用ロボットやビジョンセンサーは別購入。2017年5月期に4億円の売り上げを目指す。 産業用ロボットのメーカーを問わず使える。前の世代に比べて使い勝手を高めた。100%ピッキングに成功するわけではないが「24時間作業できることで、作業員の負担を大幅に減らしつつ生産性を高められる」(同)という。同システムは、動きの邪魔になる干渉物をあらかじめ3次元モデルで登録すると勝手に回避する動きを行う。ピッキングの対象物をつかむ位置も複数箇所登録すれば、素早く最適な位置を探り効率よくつかむ。拾った部品を置く場所も大まかに指示すれば、効率的な動きを自分で作り出せる。間違ったつかみ方をすると、戻ってやり直す。一般的なバラ積みピッキングはエンジニアによる教示作業が煩雑で、わずかな変更でもプログラミング設計をやり直す必要がある。同システムはこうした課題をふまえ教示を不要にしたのが特色で、アスクルの物流現場にも個別ピッキング作業ができるロボットシステムを構築した。



これからのロボット活用で大注目はバラ積みピッキング~MUJINの次世代型はとにかく速い~:日刊工業新聞 NEWSWITCH

株式会社MUJIN 営業担当
Email: info[at]

MUJIN enters into an agreement with Askul to work on 3D bin picking in logistics center

2016-06-29 11:33:00 +0000







物流センターに仕分けロボット 人手不足解消目指す:NHK ニュースシブ5時/6月28日(木)16時50分~18時10分

配達待ちのイライラ解消!?:テレビ東京 WBS/6月28日(木)23時~23時58分



ネット通販の配送時間、30分単位で通知 アスクル  :日本経済新聞


これからのロボット活用で大注目はバラ積みピッキング~MUJINの次世代型はとにかく速い~:日刊工業新聞 NEWSWITCH


アスクル/物流センターのロボット化、ASKUL Logi PARK首都圏内部を公開:LNEWS

アスクルが画像認識ピッキングロボットを本格導入へ - MONOist(モノイスト)




アスクル、世界で唯一の技術をもつ東大発ベンチャーMUJINと業務提携/ 両者協力してロボティクス技術開発を加速、eコマースの物流現場へロボットを導入

株式会社MUJIN 広報担当
Email: media[at]

MUJIN shows its intelligent indutrial robots / robot controllers at Tokyo DMS 2016

2016-05-11 04:59:00 +0000

MUJIN shows its intelligent indutrial robots / robot controllers at Tokyo DMS 2016.
Come and check out the most advanced robotic technology in live!

June 22nd Wed - June 24th Fri 2016 @ Tokyo Big Sight

MUJIN Booth Location:East Hall 3 #East10-29

MUJIN is sponsoring 2016 ACM-ICPC Asia Tsukuba Regional Contest

2016-04-11 12:54:00 +0000

MUJIN does variety of activities for future engineers.
As one of the activities, we are sponsoring 2016 ACM-ICPC Asia Tsukuba Regional Contest.


ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (abbreviated as ACM-ICPC) is an annual multi-tiered competitive programming competition among the universities of the world.

MUJIN appeared in HighLighting Japan January 2016 Edition

2016-02-04 07:05:00 +0000

The Rise of Robot Intelligence

Mujin, Inc., a venture firm originating at Tokyo University, has devised technology that makes industrial robots capable of autonomous and intelligent action. Why did this company—staffed primarily by foreigners—choose to develop its business in the Japanese market?

Aventure firm out of Tokyo University called Mujin, Inc. has invented groundbreaking technology that gives industrial robots that were previously just manufacturing machines only capable of repeating preprogrammed functions the power to reason about their surrounding environment. With its core technologies based on a robot-control system called OpenRAVE developed by its American chief technology officer and cofounder Dr. Rosen Diankov, the company is focused on developing and selling high-added-value products such as the Mujin Controller, its intelligent robot controller. Using this technology, robots will be able to automatically determine optimal operations with only a small amount of input data.

The company, which Diankov cofounded with CEO Issei Takino, is located near Tokyo University in Bunkyo Ward’s Hongo district. Eleven of its fifteen staff members are non-Japanese, and combined they represent seven different nationalities—American, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Portuguese. Their collective goal is to achieve innovation within an internationally rich and diverse environment.

Mujin’s Pick Worker bin-picking system—which handles operations that involve going through a bin of multiple objects, picking them up one-by-one, and transferring them to a separate location—is being delivered to major automotive and distribution companies. Its success has pumped up the Mujin brand’s industry profile.

Diankov spoke about his company with quiet confidence. “Leading robot makers and other manufacturing companies in Japan are starting to use our technologies with very keen interest,” he says. “There are no major competitors yet in regard to our technology, and I don’t believe we will have any serious competition in the near future, either, with regard to our style of business.”

After earning his doctorate at Carnegie Mellon University in the U.S., Diankov set his sights on Japan, and taught himself Japanese. “While I was definitely influenced by my professor at Carnegie Mellon, Takeo Kanade, an authority in robotics,” he explains, “I was also deeply impressed by the crazy-high level of Japanese technology.”

In contrast to the strong resistance in the U.S. to industrial robots, where the presence of an abundant migrant workforce leads many to believe that robots will take jobs away from humans, Japanese corporations are progressive in incorporating robots at the front lines of manufacturing.

Seeing the marvelous productivity gains robots provide, Diankov is certain that, with the declining birthrate and aging population reducing Japan’s working population, there is an environment of acceptance toward robot technology here. “The rapid progress Japanese auto manufacturers made compared to the rest of the world is a good indication of that,” he says. “When you talk about the robotics field, it has to be Japan.

“As we develop the branding of our technology with an eye toward global development, if we possess an advantage it is our track record for incorporation in Japan,” he continues. “The reason is that the Japanese manufacturing industry, the automotive sector in particular, is trusted worldwide and has branding power.”

At this company staffed mainly by foreigners—who all possess world-class abilities—the decision-making process is fast. In commercializing his business, Diankov has received venture capital funding from Tokyo University Edge Capital and JAFCO, and is targeting an IPO in as little as three to five years. His roadmap for success involves expanding the scale of his business and advancing into Asia and eventually Europe and North America.

“Technology will make society a better place,” Diankov declares. “With the power of software, we can make industrial robots around the world easier and more convenient to operate. Better products can therefore be provided more inexpensively, and that will improve people’s lives and productivity across the globe.”

While he has experienced the difficulties of Japan’s corporate society, Diankov mentions that the Japanese manufacturing industry’s passion for improving their technologies impresses him. “So within that, one of my roles is to maintain an open international culture,” he notes. “Our activities are helping to increase awareness of the importance of robotic intelligence and pushing the industry to the next generation of technology.” His avowed goal is to have all factories incorporate Mujin Controllers within the next two decades.

MUJIN appeared in Forbes Japan(Web Edition) on January 20th, 2016(Japanese Only)

2016-01-21 08:14:00 +0000






MUJIN will be at at International Robot Exhibition(IREX) 2015

2015-11-20 03:12:00 +0000

MUJIN will be demonstrating eight different intelligent robot controller systems at International Robot Exhibition(IREX), the biggest robotics exhibition in Japan.

<International Robot Exhibition>

Date:December 2nd ~ December 5th
Time:10AM ~ 5PM
Place:Tokyo Big Site
Booth number: 1R3-36

Preview of our demo

Video Link

Our CEO, Issei Takino, will participate in the talk session as a speakeralong with the CEO of iRobot Inc. on Dec 3 at 1PM.

Come check out our technology in live!

MUJIN appeared in Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper on October 30th, 2015 (Japanese Only)

2015-11-03 02:40:00 +0000

日刊工業新聞 2015年10月30日
『産ロボ制御装置を来春発売 余計な経由点の教授不要に』


MUJIN appeared in Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper on October 20th, 2015 (Japanese Only)

2015-11-03 02:39:00 +0000

日経産業新聞 2015年10月20日
『製造革新4.0 第一部 考える工場②』


MUJIN appeared in Nikkei Monozukuri September 2015 Edition (Japanese Only)

2015-09-08 21:05:00 +0900

特集:インダストリー4.0は怖くない ~ロボット編~

ティーチング不要、人工知能にお任せ / 制御システムで大幅な革新




Office Relocation Announcement

2015-08-18 10:32:00 +0900

We are pleased to announce that our office will be relocated to the following address as of August 24, 2015

TSK bldg. 1F, 4-8-13 Hongo
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033

Our office numbers will remain the same.

MUJIN appered on Nikke Newspaper (Japanese Only)

2015-07-06 13:54:00 +0900

工場自動化 ベンチャーの技  小規模施設も対応MUJIN、ロボット設定短期間で/スキューズ、ライン効率化提案

国内の設備投資が上向く中、工場などの自動化技術を開発するベンチャー企業に商機が広がっている。自動車や電機だけでなくラインが小規模な食品などでも省人化の需要が増えつつある。ロボットの関節の動きを最適化する技術やロボットと連携させた効率的なライン構築のノウハウなどを強みに、ベンチャーが市場開拓を本格化させる。 箱の中のネジをロボットが腕をくねらせながら器用に取り出す。単純な作業だがロボットの設定は複雑で、通常1年半程度かかる。東京大学発のベンチャー、MUJIN(東京・文京、滝野一征最高経営責任者=CEO)はこれを2~3カ月に短縮できるシステムを開発した。 同社はロボットの関節の動きを決めるコントローラーメーカーだ。MUJINのコントローラーは、取り出し作業であれば(1)対象物のつかめる部位(2)取り出 し後に置くべき方向(3)ロボット周辺の3次元図面――といった情報を与えるだけで細かな動作は自ら考える。 カギを握るのは独自のアルゴリズム(計算手法)だ。数万通りある空間上の経路から、計算と動作にかかる時間を勘案して1つを選ぶ。多くの製造現場では経路を数値で打ち込んだりロボットを手で動かしたりして軌道を決めるため、膨大な時間がかかっている。 滝野CEOは「ロボットは便利だが導入に大きな障壁があった。ハードルを下げ市場の拡大につなげたい」と意気込む。これまでにキヤノンやホンダ、川崎重工業などと取引があるが、今後さらに取引先を開拓。2016年5月期に1億~2億円と見込む売上高を、数年後には10億円に増やし、利益率5割を目指す。 ロボットや機械の連携制御を強みとするスキューズ(京都市、清水三希夫社長)は、食品工場で人間に代わって商品を運搬ケースに収めるシステムを開発、今夏に提案を始めた。自在に動くロボットアームとコンベヤーを連携させてパッケージ化。個別に設計した場合は1年程度かかる現場への導入期間を最短1カ月に圧縮する。 同社の主な取引先は食品や自動車業界など。生産品目や施設の広さ、人員配置など、環境に応じて様々な機械を組み合わせ効率的なラインを築くノウハウを持つ。新たなシステムを弁当や冷凍食品の工場に売り込み、15年3月期に10億円だった売上高を今期は25億円に引き上げる。今後の需要増を見越して、現在98人の従業員を1~2年で30人程度増やす。 大手メーカーと組むベンチャーも出てきた。ビッグデータ関連の技術開発を手掛けるプリファードネットワークス(PFN、東京・文京、西川徹社長)はファナックとロボットや工作機械の連携を高める取り組みで協業する。稼働データから、それぞれの機械がどう動くと作業性が向上するかを自ら割り出すシステムを研究する。人間では気づかないロボットの連携方法をみつける狙いだ。 PFNは膨大なデータから法則性などを探し当て自ら仕組みを発展させる「機械学習」で高い技術を持つ。機械学習はデータを一定量ためてから処理するのが一般的だが、PFNは連続して蓄積するデータを逐次処理するノウハウがある。常に稼働している生産現場で活用すれば、効率の改善のほか振動などの情報を参考に致命的な故障が生じる前に修理するといった対応もとれる。

MUJIN will be at Tokyo DMS 2015

2015-05-29 11:38:00 +0900

MUJIN will be at Tokyo DMS 2015
24 - 26 Jun 2015/Tokyo Big Site

MUJIN, Inc., is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting our Pick Worker System at Tokyo DMS this year.
Please make sure to stop by our booth.

Booth No: West 2 Hall W 10-29

MUJIN appeared in Boss Online July 2015 Edition

2015-05-28 11:37:00 +0900

現実路線のベンチャー「MUJIN」 日本の産業用ロボットを「考えるロボット」に ロボットベンチャーというと、研究志向、非現実的といったところがあります。しかし、うちは実用的、人の役に立つものでなくてはいけない、そして、数年で実現しなくてはいけないという考えの会社なんです」こう話すのは、産業用ロボットの動作・配置を最適化するコントローラーの開発を手がける「MUJIN」の共同創業者・CEO滝野一征氏である。MUJINは、滝野氏と共同創業者・CTOの出杏光魯仙(デアンコウ・ロセン)氏が設立。今年4年目の会社だが、その取引先にはデンソー、三菱電機、キャノン、日産など錚々たる企業の名前が並ぶ。その事業は、デアンコウ氏が開発した「OpenRAVE」というオープンソースになっているロボット動作アルゴリズムをコア技術にした産業用ロボットのコントローラーの開発だ。「いまの産業用ロボットは、自分で考えることができません。そのため自動車産業でも、産業用ロボットに置換できている作業は全体のおよそ5%しかありません」(滝野氏)そうした産業用ロボットも、同社のコントローラーをつなぐことで、自らが考えて動くロボットになるという。たとえば、左の箱に入ったものを右の箱に移動させる場合、一連の動作をプログラミングしなくてはならない。その途中に障害物でもあれば、さらに複雑なプログラミングが必要になる。しかし、同社のコントローラーは、動作のポイント部分を数ヵ所指定するだけで、最短ルートを自ら考えて動く。また、掴み損なうなど〝エラー〟が生じても、何の指示もせずに、自らリカバリーする。この技術を生かしたのが「3次元ピッキング」というもので、箱などに入った部品の仕分け作業を行う。「3次元ピッキングは、これまで人が手作業でやっていたものをロボットに置き換えたもので、その領域はコンビニの配送センターなど流通分野でも応用できます」(滝野氏)現在、MUJINに集まったスタッフ15人あまりのうち、12人は外国人。しかし、日本での起業には意味があると、滝野氏がこう話す。「日本の製造業の技術力は、やはりすごいんですね。そこで生き残ることで、世界に出ていったときに認められやすい。それに私は日本人ですから、日本で世界からお金を集める会社を作るのも重要ですからね」MUJINの挑戦は、まだはじまったばかりだ。

MUJIN appeared in Nikkan Electronics Magazine May 2015 Edition

2015-04-22 11:37:00 +0900

製造業向け知能化制御技術:MUJIN ー産業用ロボットへの教示を容易にー デンソーウェーブや川崎重工業、三菱電機などの大手FA機器メーカーだけでなく大手自動車メーカーも一目を置くベンチャーが東京・湯島にある。産業用ロボッ ト向けに「運動学解析技術」を基にした知能化制御技術を提供しているMUJINだ。東京大学のポスドクだったCTOのRosen Diankov(デアンコウ ロセン)氏が、大手超硬工具メーカーの技術営業職だったCEOの滝野一氏と共に、2011年に立ち上げた。 MUJINの強みは、産業用ロボットの知能化に必要な人でによる「ティーチング(教示)作業」を自動化する事。滝野氏によれば、原稿の教示作業は手間が多く、コスト高だという。「自動化された産業用ロボットシステムの場合、その約40%を教示コストが占める」(滝野氏) MUJINは既存の産業用ロボットに同社の「動作計画技術」を適用する事で安価かつ短期間で産業用ロボットの自動化や知能化を可能にする。MUJINの技術であれ ば、わずかな情報を入力するだけで敷地内の障害物への干渉やロボットを制御できなくなる「特異点」、ロボットの関節の動作限界などを考慮して、自動的に最適な動作を算出できるとする。 2014年には自動的にバラ積みの物体を掴んで製造ラインに並べるピッキングシステム「ピックワーカー」を開発し、販売を始めた。対象物の形と把持点、並べ方を指示するだけで自動的に動作する。 MUJINの技術はロボット意外にも適用可能。例えばレーザーやウォータージェットを使った多軸3次元加工機の自動化にも取り組んでいる。

MUJIN's 3D picking system appeared in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

2015-04-21 11:36:00 +0900

M東京大学発のロボットベンチャー、MUJIN(東京都文京区、滝野一征代表取締役CEO、03・5812・4496)は、3次元加工機のコントローラー市場に参入する。ロボットで培った動作生成システムを3次元加工機に導入する。一部加工機メーカーへのOEMを始めたほか、中古機のレストア事業を始める。  MUJINはバラ積みピッキングなどロボットのコントローラーを開発する。治具との衝突などを避けた軌道を、リアルタイムで計算できる。この技術を動きの複雑な3次元加工機の制御に適応した。CADモデルを使って動作を考えているため、ティーチングを大幅に削減できる。汎用性が高く、レーザー加工機やウォータージェット、溶接など機種を問わない。まずはレーザー加工機用の制御インターフェースを完成させ、加工機メーカーへのOEMを進めている。  メーカーの保守対応年数を過ぎた古い加工機の更新にも提案。同社のコントローラーはモーターやアンプの機種を問わないため、部品を入れ替えて制御システムを再構築できる。造船や鉄鋼などの大型3次元加工機の更新需要を狙う。新規購入に比べて5分の1程度の費用で更新できると見込む。

MUJIN Secures $6 Million Series B Funding from JAFCO and UTEC

2014-08-01 11:34:00 +0900

Mujin, Inc., a Japanese robotics start-up developing intelligent system solutions for industrial robots, announced today that it has raised Yen 605 million (approx. $6 million) in a Series B financing from JAFCO and UTEC - The University of Tokyo Edge Capital.

Mujin's mission is to automate robots with software systems to increase worldwide manufacturing productivity. In order to achieve this, Mujin has created a platform called the Mujin Controller that all its automation products are based on; it supports most robots on the market, can optimize offline motions for complex robot constraints, and fully integrate into complex real-time systems with machine vision and programmable-logic controllers (PLCs). Mujin is aiming to create the best robot motion planning controller in the market and revolutionize commercial turn-key applications that require a high level of automation.

Mujin was co-founded in 2011 by Dr. Rosen Diankov, a world-renown roboticist and developer of the open-source motion planning framework OpenRAVE, and Issei Takino, a manufacturing business expert. The decision to base Mujin in Japan has given them a huge advantage to work with the best and most rigorous manufacturing companies in the world.

The team consists of robotics and software engineering experts from all around the world who know how to apply the state-of-the-art robotics technologies and plan to leverage the Japanese manufacturing power to expand their business.

The Japanese government has placed robotics as one of the key areas of focus in the "Japan Revitalization Strategy". By the year 2020, it targets to increase the size of the robot market to 2.4 trillion yen ($24 billion USD), three times the current size. Mujin’s real-time control technologies allows manufacturers to implement industrial robots more efficiently and make complex systems more affordable. For the government, this means operating in a new unexplored market, which will push the industrial sector to grow even faster.

Mujin will use the new capital to enhance the sales and engineering resources of their current product, Mujin Controller SIM (released in 2013), and accelerate their go-to-market strategy with their two new innovative products: Mujin Pick Worker and Mujin Laser Worker.

Mujin’s Products:

1) Mujin Controller SIM is the world’s first solution that replaces traditional human teaching by automatically planning efficient, fast, collision free robot programs that have guaranteed accuracy when executing on the real robot. With minimal teaching, a user can optimize the robot’s task time while avoiding collisions with obstacles. It can dramatically reduced a robot systems's implementation cost and improve manufacturing productivity.

2) Mujin Pick Worker is the world's first bin-picking system with real-time obstacle avoidance and grasp-planning technologies. It is based on the Mujin's highly acclaimed motion planning technology. Just by detecting the 3D CAD model of the part using machine vision and specifying ideal grasp points, the Mujin Pick Worker can immediately start moving any robot to grasp cluttered parts in a bin the place them at a customer's desired position.

3) Mujin Laser Worker is the world's first 3D laser cutting system that employs motion planning to simplify the teaching process of the laser cutting applications. Laser cutting machines can now automatically avoid self-collisions and the part being cut. The system uses the 3D CAD data to predict where the part surface is and how to cut along it. The system can be used for any custom-built machine to deliver the same motion planning quality for 3D laser cutting

About Mujin:

Mujin, Inc. was founded at the University of Tokyo in 2011 to develop automation solutions for industrial robots in order to simplify factory automation and increase worldwide manufacturing productivity. The engineering team led by Dr. Diankov have more than 8 years of experience moving robots autonomously and are leveraging the sate-of-the-art software technologies like OpenRAVE to offer a new platform for industrial robotics called Mujin Controller.

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